Hello to All!
I will be leaving notes here about myself or links which inspire me or provide great info to anyone and everyone – Enjoy!

Quick 101 about Coach (moi) as I thought it may inspire those of you on the fence of making the important decision to take charge of your journey and assisting your personal, spiritual and emotional growth.

Almost four years ago I made a very hard decision that the way in which I was tackling life was actually being implemented by a very outdated, rigid, biased and prejudiced ‘road map’ (Thank You Dr. Peck, Road Less Traveled). This ‘Life Road Map’ was passed down to me by individuals who had absolutely zero life experience, were suffering from the pains of growing up, and wanted someone to desperately hear and understand their state of suffering. I was a product of self-shaming and blaming parenting and was rocketed into the throws of grownup-ism with expectations exceeding my emotional and mental capacity. I was drinking everyday to the point of black-out and hated life, and myself.

Fast-forward to today, I have made purposeful and painful decisions regarding my emotional and mental health, taking steps to seek out the best therapists, coaches, trainers, who implement not-so-status-quo strategies and techniques which assist my ongoing personal, spiritual and emotional journey. Today, I am proud to say the following regarding my personal journey:

  1. Hello, My name is Jenn and I am an alcoholic (Sober 4 years come August 15th).
  2. I have made big mistakes in my life of which I recognize and do my best to reconcile and learn from on a daily basis (Thank you for the lessons).
  3. My High Power has given me tremendous opportunities over the years and continues even today to show me grace and compassion and opens doors of which I never thought I would be able to contribute – i.e. Personal Fitness Trainer, Motivator, Coach, Friend and Confidant.
  4. Not setting limits with regards to our potential and what we want to achieve is absolutely real and doable. (‘Easy’? nope. Achievable? Absolutely!)

I would like to leave you with one of my favorite podcasts:
Rich Roll is such an inspiration and a role model for this athlete trying to do the next right thing. On this particular podcast, he is talking with Sadie Lincoln, founder and CEO of Barre3. You will be surprised her take on the fitness industry, how her perception of ‘fitness’ has changed over the years and is trying to create a space of all-inclusiveness with Barre3 (Completely separate and different from BARR).

Rich Roll (53), for those who aren’t familiar, is an accomplished athlete and former entertainment lawyer who now advocates for those trying to clean up their life through action, activity, and nutrition. At age 31 he admitted he was an alcoholic and dove into the program. At age 40, he was faced with the certainty of a heart attack, buckled over in pain trying to climb a flight of stairs 50 pounds overweight. His life-style change started to embrace not just ‘not drinking’, but mindful practices such as yoga and meditation, whole-food nutrition and natural environments. Just two years before his top-placement in Ultraman World Championship he didn’t even own a bike, much less race one! Big Audacious Goal and Accomplishment, indeed.